Our Story


It is with great pride that I welcome you to RusticRefinery.com

I opened Rustic Refinery in 2011 with the intent of making high quality barnwood furniture but keeping prices as reasonable as possible. 

At first it was tough, selling solely out of our house or through the original version of this website I would spend up to eight hours a day just on preparing pieces for shipment on top of our already busy work schedule. 

With the opening of our first retail location in Oakley in 2013 came new challenges that my wife Julia and I met with great enthusiasm. The work was rewarding to us and we worked together as a team. Julia and I developed our design skills, grew as a couple and we both gained a better understanding of the industry. 

It is only with Julia's boundless support that we could have found the level of success that we have and I am so grateful that we were able to do it together. Today we are proud to be able to say that Rustic Refinery is a small but passionate part of the Cincinnati business community.

Our Message

Thank you for taking the time to read all about us.  We love our work and hope that one of our custom furniture pieces can be a part of your family's story, too.

Best regards,

James Allen

Owner - Rustic Refinery